Therapy Services 

  • $150 for a 55 minute individual therapy session
  • $200 for 55 minute sessions with couples

I do not currently take medical insurance, but offer sliding scale appointments on an as needed basis.  Please call me for more information regarding availability of these appointment slots.  Some therapy service fees may be covered by your health insurance plan.  Please be certain to verify these and other insurance coverage limits for an out-of -network provider prior to your initial appointment.  I will provide you with a monthly billing statement or super bill that you can submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement.


  • $150 for 55 minute coaching session

Forensic Psychological Services

  • PC 1368 Competency                                  $300/hour
  • General Mental Health                               $300/hour
  • In Pro Per                                                      $300/hour
  • Domestic Violence                                       $300/hour
  • Expert Testimony and Preparation          $300/hour
  • Attorney Consultation                                 $300/hour
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