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Are you feeling stuck, unsatisfied in life?  Do you feel like your days are overrun by negative emotions, loss of motivation, hopelessness, low energy, avoidance of people and places, and even, despair?  Regardless of your circumstances, please know that you have come to the right person.  My name is Dr. David Jaffe.  I am a licensed clinical psychologist that has worked in the mental health field for over 20 years.


I specialize in working with adult men, women, and gender neutral clientele struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, personal injury, relationship problems, trauma, grief/loss, substance abuse, sleep disorders, chronic pain, and anger concerns, among others.

My professional mission is to increase public awareness of mental illness, reduce stigma of mental illness as depicted in mass media, and to educate the community in hopes to increase help seeking behavior of men and athletes, alike.

There are several reasons to choose me as your therapist, but the following abilities truly set me apart from my colleagues.  I am expertly skilled in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of people with mild to severe mental illness; crisis intervention, suicide assessment and prevention, substance abuse problems, and behavioral health interventions for persons with high risk medical conditions and chronic pain.

I possess an uncanny ability to establish rapport and a trusting therapeutic bond with culturally diverse men, woman, and children.

My training and experience helped to define me personally and professionally.  Throughout my career, I have worked with culturally diverse clients and families in a wide array of settings: outpatient mental health clinics, psychological services centers, prisons, jails, juvenile detention facilities, forensic state hospitals, foster care, and several inpatient psychiatric facilities.

My experience and training enhanced my clinical and assessment skills, versatility as a psychologist, and fostered my appreciation for individual differences, as well as the importance of mental health policy and advocacy.  I bring this same versatility and awareness in providing mental health services to my community, San Diego.

Another aspect unique to my clinical approach is observational in nature.  I find that other therapists routinely fail to discuss client progress or illicit client feedback during treatment sessions. I find that this therapist-client communication improves the value and efficiency of your treatment, and helps guide my interventions and ability to measure progress. In order to assess the effectiveness of your treatment I will ask for your feedback, routinely.



The therapeutic process involves several components: identify your problem(s), define your goals, education to help you implement skills/tools to attain your goals, measure your progress and review the effectiveness of treatment.  I will work with you to support you in your goals.  We will work to enhance your coping skills to manage stress, negative emotions, and problem solve more effectively.

I am currently accepting new clients.  Please call me for a free 20 minute phone consultation so I can learn more about your needs and answer your questions.

Click below for a helpful animation video on the topic of psychotherapy and its benefits.


For clients whose needs fall outside the scope of psychotherapy, I provide coaching services to address issues such as motivation, relationship goals, job and athletic performance, personal development, and problem solving skills.

Psychological and Forensic Psychological Assessment

I have expertise in psychological testing and forensic psychological assessment.  Combined, I have completed more than 200 psychological batteries, forensic psychological assessments, and LPS conservatorship evaluations.  I have addressed psycho-legal and diagnostic questions including competency to stand trial (adults and juveniles), pleas of not guilty by reason of insanity, In Pro-Per, violence risk assessment, substance abuse, legal disposition, diagnostic clarification, domestic violence, parental fitness, and grave disability.  I have testified as an expert witness in Fresno Superior Court and Tulare County.


I received my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Forensic Psychology from California School of Professional Psychology-Fresno. I completed my undergraduate studies at UC Irvine, where I graduated with honors and several scholarly awards.

Research and Academic Presentations

1. Development of a Standardized Foster Parent Screening Method
2. Trends in Juvenile Sentencing: Recognition and Evaluation of Internet-Based Data
3. Assault Prevalence of Psychiatric Inpatients: Diagnosis and Acuity as Determinants
5. Nicotine Replacement Products: Use and Abuse in a College Population

Professional Affiliations

San Diego Psychological Association
Phi Beta Kappa National Honor Society
Psi Chi (Psychology) National Honor Society

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