Pediatric Neurology Of North Carolina

                                                  Pediatric Neurology of North Carolina has closed effective 31 Oct 2013.

Outstanding Balances (bills):
Pediatric Neurology of NC must collect all outstanding balances.
Non-payment may lead to referral to a collection agency and could affect your Credit rating.
To pay a bill, if you know the exact amount due, please pay via
Patient Name:
(including most major Credit Cards). In PayPal there is a space to enter instructions :please type in the patient’s name and date of birth and any other details you wish to add.
You may also mail a payment (check or money order – do not mail cash) (put patient's name and date of birth on the check please) to:
                  Pediatric Neurology of NC    
                  206 Towne Village Dr
                 Cary, NC, 27513
For billing questions: please send an email to
Include the patient’s name, date of birth, your name, your question, and if you want to be contacted by phone (we recommend this) – a good phone number to reach you. Someone will email or call you back (whichever you requested).
Do not send your credit card info by email.                                                                                                                
NOTE: calls or emails to Dr. Jaffe at other than  will not be returned.

Medical Records                remain available via a service.

To obtain medical records please complete the Records Request Form View/Download form  and then:

A) [Faster] Send the completed form as an attachment to:  and pay via

Patient Name

      B) [Slower] Send the completed form and a Check (no cash) for $10.86 made out to Pediatric Neurology of NC to the USPS address below:
           Pediatric Neurology of North Carolina                      
           Medical Records                                     
           206 Towne Village Dr.      
           Cary, NC 27513

It is important to write legibly or type:

                     a. The name and date of birth of the patient
                     b. The name and address you want the records sent to [must be clear and legible].
[Note: the $10 is a copy charge (supplies and labor). The 0.86 is for postage.]
[There are no additional fees for Searching, Retrieving or sending the requested information]
Records are prepared and sent out as quickly as possible but may take up to 30 days from receipt of request.

* If you send a request without a payment – nothing will happen.
*If your mail-to address is missing or illegible – the check will not be cashed – and no records will be sent.
*Records are sent AFTER your check clears: You will also be asked to reimburse PNNC for a bounced check charge before records are sent.
*Medical records are only being sent via USPS (regular mail).
          No pick-up                                No Fax                                                No email.

It is recommended that you complete the form legibly including your phone numbers and email for any questions.

Medical Records are normally sent as a standard password secured .pdf file on a SD card or a CD or equivalent media. The password should be on the media – you may want to remove or cross out the password for privacy.

If needed, the password is 1Lastfirst. That is the number 1 followed by the patient’s last name – first letter is a capital and all the others lowercase and then without any spaces the first name all lowercase.

It has been our privilege caring for the children of North Carolina for the last 20 years. Thank you.